Lessons from the fast lane

Mark Gallagher

A Senior Executive and respected Broadcaster in the adrenaline-charged world of Formula One, Mark Gallagher translates his experiences from the race track to the language of business. Gallagher’s passion for the sport has been partly driven by the dual challenges of managing risk and high performance. His roles at the Jordan and Red Bull Racing Formula One teams were followed by his relaunch of Cosworth as one of Formula One’s best-known technology suppliers. He played a key role in developing current technical regulations which place an emphasis on energy efficiency and sustainability. His latest book, The Business of Winning: Strategic Success from the Formula One Track to the Boardroom, exposes the behind-the-scenes management of a Grand Prix team ensuring business continuity, viability and profitability. Mark is an international speaker and consults with organisations globally through his consulting business Performance Insights.

We talk about F1 today as well as some of the sports legends such as Aryton Senna, Nikki Lauda and Eddie Irvine as well as F1 technology, inter team rivalry and the sports marketing, branding and ongoing popularity.


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2:16 Memories of Niki Lauda

4:46 Mark’s early days at Motor Sport magazine

8:11 Ayrton Senna

9:41 Working with Eddie Jordan’s F1 team

11:31 The team’s crazy antics

14:06 Criticism of the Jordan team

17:06 Eddie’s financial investment in the team

18:31 The team’s heyday

23:16 Great leaders

26:31 Michael Schumacher

28:53 Rivalry within teams

32:31 Sponsorship

36:18 New social media channels

39:10 Looking back at the 2019 season

49:04 Pit change-over

51:56 Liberty Media’s purchase of Formula One

56:56 Waning interest in racing

1:02:46 Takeaways for business

1:09:00 Mark’s future plans