Rethinking How We Work with Libby Sander

Dr Libby Sander is a leading expert on understanding the future of work, and how we can reimagine work to live more meaningful and creative lives. She is an Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour at Bond University, a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management, the founder and director of the Future of Work Project and Rethink, and an Agenda Contributor at the World Economic Forum. 

Libby is regularly featured on radio and in national and international media including The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, BBC, The Guardian, and is a feature writer for The Conversation, where she comments on issues related to work, the workplace, society and future trends in organisations. 


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02:26 Libby’s background

03:33 Why organizational behavior is an important discipline

05:45 What are some of the interventions or behavioral principles that Libby uses? 

07:52 The ideas or findings from organizational behavior research that can be used to better understand a business’s culture

10:20 A potential correlation between a diverse country and diverse teams in organizations

11:30 The idea of a gap analysis during the hiring process

13:38 How does organizational behavior help in understanding that complex area of personality?

16:15 Despite the amount of research on the area, is our understanding of leadership still a bit hazy? 

18:09 Libby’s own ‘aha moment’ when it comes to how we work

19:12 The ReThink project and its mission

21:16 Are we at the edge of an exciting transformation?

23:34 How effective are ‘perks’ at work?

26:58 The trend of ‘quiet quitting’

29:58 Setting healthy boundaries with your work

33:05 The role of emotional intelligence in the workplace

37:01 Why the physical space we work in is important 

40:10 How can organizations discover the ideal physical workplace that aligns with their employees, which also reflects their values and culture? 

44:32 Top advice for good office design

46:46 The future for the freelance and digital nomad movement

49:52 Tips on an individual day-to-day level to improve productivity in the workplace

52:47 On the anti-work movement

59:57 Wellness initiatives that many corporations introduced 

01:02:17 Advice on how to be more motivated at work

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