Athletic performance on and off the golf course

Robbie Cannon

Robbie Cannon (@RobbieCannon) a qualified strength and conditioning coach, is probably best known for his performance work with golf Open Champion Shane Lowry. An accomplished golfer himself, he practices what he preaches and is three times Irish amateur golf champion.   

Cannon through his company Cannon Performance works with golfers on the PGA and European Tour, as well as elite amateurs and the Irish golf men’s and ladies’ national squads. Outside golf, he has trained elite athletes from many different sports, and this year Robbie is head of strength and conditioning for the Tipperary senior football team. 

Enjoy this wide-ranging conversation about his career to date, insights into peak conditioning for golfers, working with the Tipperary football team, and Shane Lowry’s plans for 2020 including qualification for this year’s Ryder Cup.


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2:26 Robbie’s sports background

5:00 Shane Lowry

10:45 Mental preparation and confidence

12:16 Confidence

14:42 Caddies

16:54 The team surrounding elite athletes

18:55 Shane’s goals for 2020

21:32 Shane and Robbie’s work schedule

22:23 Young players

24:37 Adapting training to each individual

25:52 General physical advice for golfers

28:03 Training for golfers

29:32 “Beach body” muscles

32:45 Ireland’s amateur scene

37:27 From golf to GAA

40:12 Squad assessments

41:58 All-Irelands

43:07 Injuries

46:37 Training in season/off season

48:10 Coaching priorities

49:31 Speed

52:13 Mindset

56:27 Technology in sports

58:17 Cannon Performance

59:42 Practicing

1:01:15 Time management

1:02:17 Lessons from sport for business

1:03:22 Mindfulness

1:04:39 Future plans