CEO and founder of Kitman Labs

Stephen Smith

Kitman Labs are an Irish sports science and data analytics company. Through advanced statistical analysis, rigorous scientific research their system evaluates athlete injury and performance with unprecedented precision.

Kitman Labs works with over 150 teams worldwide including Irish provincial rugby teams Leinster and Connacht, along with soccer teams such as AS Roma, Everton and Norwich City, all under the watchful eye of founder and CEO Stephen Smith.

Kitman, which has offices in Dublin, Silicon Valley and Sydney, was named on Fast Company’s prestigious annual list of the world’s most innovative companies in 2019.


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2:37 Stephen’s early life

4:17 Injury and rehabilitation

8:38 Initial research

10:57 From rehab to prevention

12:07 Technology and coaching

15:48 Myths and outdated ideas about the causes and risks of injury

17:12 Stephen’s focus on technology

19:52 Kitman Labs’ work

22:54 Key indicators and how to use them

27:26 Kitman Labs’ early days

33:30 Lessons learned about building teams

38:12 Rethinking and reinventing

40:13 Kitman Labs’ early success

44:19 Training and performance planning

46:02 Health and nutrition

51:07 Sensor technology

54:00 Player retirement

57:22 Artificial intelligence

58:27 Democratizing technology

1:00:34 Kids and monitoring

1:02:34 Investment in Kitman Labs

1:07:10 The impact of Kitman Labs on training

1:08:14 Innovation

1:09:18 Values

1:11:10 Competition

1:12:37 Acquisition of The Sports Office

1:14:26 Beyond sports

1:15:37 Sports broadcasting

1:16:30 The future of sports performance technology

Stephen’s predictions:

1:17:07 Rapid-fire questions