A life of breakthroughs dreaming big, writing and hurling

Tony Griffin

Tony Griffin is an athlete, charity activist, speaker and author.

He is a former All-Star hurler with Clare, retiring in 2009. After that he went on to extensive charity work. His work has included setting up his own charity, Ride for the Cure, and raised €1.1 million for cancer research and hospices.

Tony launched a sports management business called Sports Academy International – which organised triathlon races, adventure races, worked on the visit of Lance Armstrong to Dublin and travelled to New Zealand and won the rights to bring the 2011 Singlespeed Mountain Bike World Championships to Ireland.

After being inspired by the work of Dubliner Jim Stynes and Reach in Australia Tony set up SOAR, a collective movement aiming to inspire young people to chase their dreams and overcome their challenges. In 2010, he published an autobiography ‘Screaming at the Sky’ which was nominated for Irish Sports Book of the Year and the William Hill Sportsbook awards. Last year he released another book ‘The Teenager’s Book of Life’.

Join us as we discuss ‘the full athlete’, working with Lance Armstrong, gruelling bike rides, and how he is helping teenagers dream big.


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03:01 The importance of hurling and sport growing up

09:15 Why Dublin hurlers are not more successful today

11:32 The decision to become an elite athlete

14:01 What Tony would have done differently if he started again

16:30 Working towards a deeply desired goal 

19:43 Retiring from Hurling in 2009

28:17 2007 charity bike ride ‘Ride for the Cure’

34:41 On having met Lance Armstrong

48:39 The influence from his mum on his outlook in life

50:46 Why he studied human performance

56:02 Founded SOAR with Karl Swan in 2012

58:49 Having permission to dream

01:11:43 The power of writing

01:16:22 Writing ‘The Teenager’s Book of Life’

01:20:48 First steps into practising self-awareness

01:25:07 The role of fear

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