Karen Weekes


The Science of Succeeding: Unearthing the Mental Keys to Endurance and Excellence with Karen Weekes

Dr. Karen Weekes is a distinguished adventurer, sports psychologist, university lecturer and corporate consultant who etched her name in history in February 2022. She not only became the first Irish woman but also the 20th woman globally to undertake a solo oceanic row, covering an impressive 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean in a span of 80 days. 

With a career spanning three decades, Karen has guided elite and non-elite individuals and teams, equipping them with proactive cognitive and practical coping strategies. Her deep dive into research unveils insights into motivation and endurance-based coping mechanisms— insights she seamlessly integrates into both the athletic and corporate realms. Endurance challenges have consistently fueled her spirit, and Karen’s exploits encompass a plethora of adventures, both on water and land.


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02:13 Karen’s background

02:55 Karen’s recent trip across the USA

04:03 What drew Karen to adventuring

06:02 Being the first Irish woman to row solo across the Atlantic

08:50 How to prepare mentally and physically for such big trips

12:28 The most challenging part of the trip

17:26 The nutritional aspect of the big Atlantic row

20:05 Transitioning back to routine life

21:54 Intrinsic versus extrinsic motivations for extreme challenges

25:19 Finding happiness in the day-to-day as well as yearning for the next adventure

27:12 Working in the corporate world

33:00 What sets elite athletes apart from others?

37:47 Coping methods to help you be the best version of yourself

49:17 Visualisation processes

57:23 Inspiring women and fundraising for noble causes

01:01:15 Does physical fitness influence success in the corporate world?

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