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Welcome to the Steering Point Newsletter where we aim to bring you the best and most relevant performance advice there is. This mission begins with The 1% Podcast, a source of insights and lessons from some of the best thinkers in their field of performance. We also try to make the best writing on performance available to you with two weekly articles written by the Steering Point team.


What We Recorded

The 1% Podcast with Simon Horton

Simon Horton is the founder of Negotiation Mastery, a center of excellence in the world of negotiation. He has taught the subject of negotiation all around the globe, to hostage negotiators, top banks, law firms and many other blue chip global players. His long list of famous clients includes Goldman Sachs, Nike, Pepsi& Lloyds amongst many, many others.

The Highlights

Looking for Clues when Negotiating

“What I really encourage people to do in negotiation situations is to take a little time out to step into the shoes of the other person because one thing you can guarantee is that they will see it very differently to how you see it.”

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Co-Creating the Solution when Negotiating

“If you take an arm wrestle approach they’re going to respond in kind and now they’re against you, whereas if you see it as collaborative “They’re my partner”, now all of the energies are focussed on the problem at hand.”

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Personality Profiling Tools for Negotiation

“The Big Five infamously used by Cambridge Analytica to scrape Facebook’s data (illegally) and from that were able to frame their adverts using specific language that was going to be most effective for each type of person and it proved to be very powerful.”

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What We Wrote

Skills-Based Hiring: Transforming Ireland’s Employment Landscape

Organisations have been reconsidering the importance and relevance of degree qualifications in their hiring practices. A trend known as “degree inflation,” which saw an increase in job descriptions requiring degrees even when the roles hadn’t changed, was particularly evident in the early 2000s.

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The Importance of Trust

Research published by Harvard Business Review found that workers at companies where trust is high report 106% greater energy in the office, 74% lower stress levels, 76% greater engagement, and 50% more productivity than their peers at low-trust businesses.

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What We Read

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